Collaborative law and mediation – a brief comparison

Mediation and collaborative law – similarities Mediation and collaborative law (also known as the collaborative process or collaborative practice) are family dispute resolution methods that promote resolution. The goals in both methods are: Benefits of collaborative law Benefits of mediation Is collaborative law or mediation best for me? It is not possible in this brief … Read more

What is independent legal advice (ILA)?

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What is a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice? A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is a document that is signed by each lawyer and is included in cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. The Certificate typically states that the lawyer has: How do I get ILA? There are typically two ways that people seek … Read more

Separating from your partner? Try mediation

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Mediation is a recognized family dispute resolution method used by people who are ending a relationship to reach a separation agreement. This agreement might include the division of property, support payments and a parenting plan agreement if there are children. What is mediation? Mediation can be a very effective method of helping couples to reach … Read more

Divorcing? You and your lawyer have new legal duties

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In 2021, the Divorce Act changed and created new duties for you and your lawyer.  Your duties Best interests of children: Parents are required to act in a manner that is consistent with the best interests of their child. Family dispute resolution process: Instead of going directly to court, you have a duty to try to resolve … Read more