Virtual legal services

You can work on your case from anywhere

I work with my clients virtually.

This means:

  • We meet via telephone or video
  • In-person meetings take place if required for collaborative or mediation meetings (most are held virtually now)
  • Appointments are booked using a scheduling app
  • Documents can be accessed via Clio, a secure legal file management system
  • All documents are in electronic format (Word, PDF) and exchanged by email or Clio
  • Documents are signed using electronic signature software
  • Invoices and retainers are paid by credit card using a secure online link or by e-transfer

Virtual legal services are:

  • Convenient: clients can meet me virtually in the location of their choice
  • Efficient: there is no travel time involved
  • Environmentally-friendly: no travelling and less paper
Note: If you are concerned that your devices may be monitored by someone, virtual legal services will not be a secure option. Learn more about technology abuse.

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