Donna Babbs

Family Law in Peterborough and Whitby

For 30+ years we have helped clients resolve family law, separation and divorce cases. Experience tells us that people prefer to resolve cases in a constructive, dignified way.​

How We Can Help

We help family law clients who are going through a separation or divorce to resolve their cases without going to court. We serve clients in Whitby, Oshawa, Durham Region and Peterborough.

Our Mission

Our mission is to obtain positive outcomes for our clients while reducing stress, delays and legal expenses through the use of collaborative negotiations, the collaborative process and mediation.

Our Experience

Sometimes you just can't work with your spouse and need a pro to represent just you and your concerns.



We’re Dedicated to Helping Clients.

We Strive to work with each client to design a strategy to obtain the most constructive and cost-effective method to resolve their case

We work diligently to serve our clients and to promote out-of-court resolution of cases through problem solving that advocates for our client’s legal interests while preserving family relationships, and reducing stress and legal expenses.

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