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Agreements & Contracts

We assist clients with the following agreements:

  • Cohabitation Agreements for common law couples
  • Marriage Contracts for married couples and couples planning to marry
  • Separation Agreements for couples who are separating

In our initial consultation we explain the options for negotiating an agreement, including lawyer-to-lawyer negotiations, collaborative negotiations, collaborative practice, mediation, and mediation/arbitration among others. Donna C. Babbs Family Law PC is dedicated to helping clients in Oshawa, Whitby, Durham Region and Peterborough find the right strategy to resolve your case.

Collaborative Process & Collaborative Negotiations

The collaborative process helps clients achieve resolution effectively and efficiently. Respectful negotiations replace adversarial tactics. Mutual problem solving occurs in the place of win/lose. Clients are empowered with information and options. The goal of the collaborative process is to avoid court.

In a collaborative case, clients and their lawyers sign a participation agreement that establishes rules which ensure that the process runs smoothly and improves the likelihood of achieving a resolution. Clients can involve family and financial professionals to save time, legal expenses and enhance the resolution. If the process breaks down and results in a court case, clients must retain new lawyers.

For more information on the collaborative process, visit the following websites:


If you choose mediation to resolve your case, Donna C. Babbs Family Law PC can provide you with legal advice before and during mediation, attend mediation sessions if you wish, and draft or review agreements reached through mediation.

The process of mediation in the Durham Region and Peterborough includes:

  • A neutral third party works with couples to resolve the issues involved in separation and divorce
  • Before negotiations begin, the mediator will interview both parties to ensure that the case is appropriate for mediation
  • Negotiations are principled and interest-based, are respectful and not adversarial or competitive
  • Mutual problem solving is the goal of mediation – win-win, not win-lose
  • The mediator does not provide legal advice, acting instead as a neutral to guide resolution
  • The parties obtain legal advice from their own lawyers during the mediation process

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